Wednesday, July 28, 2010

bestie friend sleepover, movie, mocha, fishing, movie, meltdown, home!

We're SO lucky Nora's best friend is zany. AND she pulls Nora along to do things with her AND she ignores her and laughs at her. Intertwined are undertones - almost constant undertones, "no, that didn't happen Nora, you don't have to do that Nora, you're okay Nora" over and well as bathroom obsessions...they're an undercurrent of her whole day.

We caught our first fish today - 5 girls by ourselves!!! Nora caught hers (2 babies) with a little net and not with the everyone else had and we were cheering her on she started to feel the pressure..."i'm no good, i can't do it, i'm just stupid..." - time to go and thought process was broken.

Off to the movies and a LATE the parking lot back to the car she fretted and fussed at me for not taking them out to eat...i'm a liar, i promised, as always i break promises..holding her hands again - we'd been out of the house for hours. i'm working on being calmer when she's stressed to not allow rudeness but understanding too - tricky tricky!!!

she's back playing with the girls after lunch, no fighting today...busy is good i headway with schools today, i guess there's always tomorrow to work on that!

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