Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Summer camp

My Nora worked SO hard at selling cookies this year at booths in the FREEZING cold outside around our area. She loved it at first, then tried getting out of it (which her dad didn't catch on to and let her) and then had to FIGHT OCD big time in order to get back in the game and join the troop and sell more...ALL to GO TO CAMP - something I never did as a kid and sounds SO FUN - to me, the NON-OCD mama!

Here's the trouble. EVEN IF Nora were to pick camp, go with her troop that she loves and be excited about it. I'm not sure she'll be able to handle BEING at camp and actually enjoying it...So i'm afraid to bring it up. I don't want her to miss out (something I don't handle very well myself) on one hand but I don't want her to let OCD take over and allow the "avoidance" keep her from experience what could and should be a great time.

Flip side...if she goes and anxiety TAKES OVER, it is heart-wrenching and heart-breaking and I will want to rescue her immediately because she can't fight OCD in the middle of everything that freaks her out (camp toilets, weird bathrooms, feeling dirty, spreading dirty, showers, swimming, strange beds...oh my)...because she's only 10...and here's the part I just wonder and wonder about, what if not doing this makes it harder to go to college, have roomates, etc..

So, this blog is just a little about how a mom has anxiety about her kiddo's anxiety and has to fight her worries to help her kiddo beat her OCD...what a bully!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


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STOP IT!!!! Nora was IN HER ROOM READING by herself, no radio, no tv, no computer, alone, happy and NO ONE SENT HER THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROCK OUT!!!
AND...she played with her sisters all winter break! I think she laughed, pretended, played, had FUN, real, actual FUN! SAY IT ISN'T so!!! okay okay, so life isn't perfect she DID HAVE TO HAVE TO HAVE TO stay up ungoldy hours to watch He-Man and She-Ra...yes, you can still watch those! She wouldn't play on "equipment" at play areas, she couldn't accidentally see a sister's cards while playing a game without desperately needing to be truthful about it, I was still called SARGE (my fave word esp. if you know how NOT A SARGE I AM!), she bathed well and then not, worried about well Nora stuff, verified past actions were in fact fine, she SWAM (woot woot), and even woke up without a terrible time this morning...So, though there were ups and downs, she managed to have a good time. And Managed it was! So a big hoo-rah for a big break!!!

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